Wedding Photography

This page outlines what you get by default if you choose me as your wedding photographer. Most of it is negotiable.

Clearly, the most important thing is the quality of the photos. You can see previous sets by clicking on these images

you can expect something of similar quality.

I'm known mostly for my candid photography, which I think is more flattering and less intrusive than posed photos. I also work only in digital formats, and leave the printing up to you. More of that to come...

What it costs

£700, which you can pay after you have received the photos. There's no need for a deposit.


I'll take as many photos as I can, normally over a thousand. I'll then choose around 500 of these to process and send to you, hopefully in a way that tells the story of the day without boring people. I'll spend about three days going through these and photoshopping them. You can shape how do that, and if I do something you don't like, I can have another stab it. For example if I do something in high contrast black and white and you would rather have it in colour, it's easy to change, as long as I took in colour in the first place. I aim to have the majority of the processing done in those three days (before I return to my day job), but I won't copy them to a USB stick till afterwards. I can continue to make minor changes beyond that time too.

I take colour photos throughout, but usually convert ones taken after dark to black and white.


I'm keen to take as many photos as possible, not least because I enjoy it. So I'm available to do photos of the bride and/or groom, up to the dancing. I'll keeping going till I'm exhausted, the venue is too dark, or my equipment gives out. Normally, it's the exhaustion that calls an end to proceedings - the weight of the camera usually means my back is struggling by about 9pm.


Once you have your day more or less organised, it is helpful to meet up to discuss:


As I process the messages, I will post them on my flickr site which should provide an archive in case of disaster. I won't ever delete them from the archive, so as long as flickr doesn't go bust, they'll be in a safe place if you need a replacement.

The flickr page will also allow your guests (and those who weren't there) to view the pictures, and I will give you a link where they can download them

I'll also post the pictures on my facebook page and tag you, if you want. It's my best for of advertising!

USB stick

I don't generally deal with prints, and none are included in the price. Instead, I'll provide you with a USB stick with the pictures on them, and you can get them printed when and where you like (and probably a lot cheaper than through a wedding photographer). I can provide a DVD instead, at a push

What I would need from you

It's a long day, so I need to eat at some point. I don't have to have the official meal (although that will improve the quality of the photos) but I will need food of some sort.